Quran Hakim Version 7.1

  • The Arabic text of Quran with beautiful and legible font (5 sizes).
  • Written English translation of all Quran (Chapter 78 to 114 is Author's).
  • Ability to download interpretation or summary audio files (by chapter).
  • Arabic online reading of verses (choice of 23 various reciters).
  • Incorporating Native Audio Player and controlling media files in Lock Screen
  • Chapter selection using a nice menu (sortable by name or number)
  • Easy to access help on all single pages (top right icon).
  • Accurate and easy search of Quran in English, Persian, Arabic and Root.
  • Typing with a dedicated internal keyboard, English and Persian.
  • Smart search of Arabic words of Quran by double-taping on them.
  • Copy the translation of verses by double-taping the English/Persian text.
  • Copy the Arabic text of verses by double-taping Arabic search results.
  • Data recovery in the next run, in case the app was closed unexpectedly.
  • Simple selection of audio files between complete, summary or recitation.
  • Option to switch text to full-screen for ease of reading.
  • Countdown timer, and the link to the next live Quran class.
  • Option to tell friends about the app or contact us by email.
  • Option to switch to Car-Mode with large audio control buttons.
  • Description of 60 key words of Quran, along with a sample verse.
  • Dedicated sector for public News announcements of the app.
  • Enabling Dark Mode by inverting colors for easier view at night.
  • Ability to bookmark a verse for future references.
  • Ability to switch language of all sections between Persian and English.
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